Nadia Ackerman
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The Well

Album Launch

Monday September 23

Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3

8.30pm - 9.30pm

BUY tickets (seating is limited - HURRY!)

I am finally launching my brand new album “The Well”

Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3

Monday September 23

8.30 - 9.30pm 

David Patterson - Guitars and vocals

Jenny Bruce - Guitars and vocals 

Noah Hoffeld - Cello

Karen Waltuch - Viola

Sara Caswell - Violin

Megan Weeder - Gould - Violin

 Brand new single - the well

The Well Single Album Cover.jpg

“well - being a cause for thankfulness, completely cured or healed, to rise to the surface and usually flow forth, a source from which something may be drawn as needed,an issue of water from the earth.”

“The well”, Nadia’s forthcoming 5th full length studio album is a departure from where she has ventured before..or perhaps it is a returning to her roots. in the past, there was always someone producing her and her music, telling her how her songs, that she had written, were supposed to go.

Nadia decided to go it alone on this record. she knew in her heart how her songs go, how they should be heard and experienced.

having grown up on lush harmonic 70’s pop music, the hollies, bread, the carpenters and Melanie on the beach side community of Manly, sydney, australia…nadia feels like she has finally made an album, self produced, that takes you, the listener on a journey to wellness. her wellness.

nadia has emerged with 10 songs that are her most vulnerable and honest to date. with only acoustic guitars and strings to accompany these pieces. All tracks were Recorded in Brooklyn and manhattan NYC.


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